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Friday, April 21, 2017


Long story short...Lug had a disagreement with management & he gave his two week notice. He shook my hand yesterday & said it was his last night. 16 years or so & I guess sometimes, enough is enough.

They found Cuba Gooding Sr. dead in his car in California. From what I am hearing, it might have been an overdose. If that's true, it blows my mind. 72 years old & partying out. I guess it's better than pulling a Robin Williams.

I still have fond memories of when they had a hit single in 1972. I turned 9 that Summer & started 4th grade that fall. I was playing little league baseball & jammed on this tune while riding my bike, holding my little hand held AM transistor radio. Here in my neck of the woods, KXOK was the station I could dial in on it. The song came out in August & my grandmother, who I was very close to, died August 23rd of that year. This song always makes me think of her.