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Monday, April 17, 2017

Catch up..

I have been fighting a cold or some such shit for over a week & all I have been wanting to do is sleep. That & hack a ton of crap from my lungs.

We did the que thing on Easter & thought other family members were going to show up, but didn't, so we had a shit load left over (I'm going to have a nice lunch tomorrow)

I cut grass & trimmed weeds & cut down some brush. I managed the required domestic crap as well (not bad for a sick dog) But once I took a hot shower, I'm like, stick a fork in me. I could continue to work, but instead, I'm popping a cold one. (well maybe two)

These days, it seems that I have all kinds of things to do & not enough time. When I was in my twenties, it was the opposite. All kinds of time & nothing really pressing. With age comes responsibility (shit you didn't care about when you thought you were going to live forever)  I hope everyone had a good Easter & was able to see loved ones. I didn't get to go to the family plot & cut grass, but I probably should have went down today when I finished mine. Yet another item that I need to address. I start back on a ten day stretch tomorrow & I really want to get out in a boat on the lake as well.....

Being an adult really sucks at times. Trying to do what is right, while others blow that shit off. (don't worry, old Joe will take care of it)