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Monday, April 10, 2017

Don't ask the boss...

To give you a hand. You wind up doing twice the work.

I just did him a favor and as soon as he saw that I was talking care of it... He blew. Shit, I should have told him I would take care of it hours ago.

This is Mom. Ray Charles here, had a cataract removed today. Like pulling teeth to get her to go. The stick, is the Paw Paw tree I got her. Not what I was expecting for eighty bucks, but she is happy with it.

I stopped off at their house before coming into work. I had to drop off my auger for Pop to use. Long story there, but lt wound up with Mom falling into floating fecal matter. He will either get it open, or not, but he didn't give me enough time to take off to address it. I just hope he doesn't make it worse. I called him when I first got in and he told me it looked like he got It. I have been so busy, I just got to sit down. No sense in calling now, they are probably asleep.

Which is where I should be. Day two of Fighting a cold. I have the game on and I can't believe how bad the Cardinals are getting spanked. It might be a long season.

Let's go Blues!!!

Man, I can't wait for this night to come to a close.