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Monday, April 3, 2017

Just when you think..

You have lived long enough to have seen everything cool, God comes along & hits you with yet something else, you forgot about. Like Spring skies.

I was cutting grass, trying to beat the rain & it hit me. The awesome visuals that God allows us to view in a Spring thunderstorm sky. All day, I was around Jefferson County & the sky just blew me away.

I got a lot of shit done (because I head back to crackhead land tomorrow) But I took the time to just enjoy the canvas.

It did rain a bit on me as I was cutting grass & trimming weeds, but I didn't mind. It is coming down right now as a matter of fact. Visited with the parents & drank some cold ones with Pop.

It's going to be hard to drag my ass in to work tomorrow, but it's election day & I need to go vote. April is when they always try to sneak in all kinds of tax increases. I always vote no, because I don't know about you, but this catfish is tired of having my property taxes raised for someones bullshit "needs".

You know what I need? Another cold beer, & that is no bullshit;~)