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Thursday, April 6, 2017


Notice the wrong color outlet cover? It's busted & they rammed the wall & jammed the receptacles through the wall as well. Oh, & it was 5 days old before they decided to have me look at it.

While the red on white may look cool, the red is a designation of emergency power, while the white stands for normal power. Never fear, I made it all right, but I have to wonder what  "individual" decided to do that. Certainly not an electrician.

I was busy putting together metal shelves last night & while it isn't rocket science, it is time consuming. Speaking of consuming, I think I'll have me a cold one.

I don't mind doing projects. I don't even mind doing them while trying to run customer service calls. But trying to elicit information from someone who can't speak English?  I hope in India, the French run the 7-elevens.