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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


They are pretty much everywhere, but I wasn't expecting this unsanctioned one I ran across last night. I'm pretty sure the powers that be would never have approved it.

But what boggles my mind is that someone felt the need to post them in the public restrooms on a particular floor. In other words... Is there so many people who wipe their boogers on walls, that someone was compelled to chastise them on the practice?

I know people are nasty, I see it in play everyday, so I didn't remove them. Hey, if it keeps booger pickers from doing it... But knowing the nature of quite a lot of the roving public, it would seem to me that it would simply invite someone to do what they normally wouldn't think of. Trust me, I have seen much worse smeared on the walls on purpose.

And you can say what you will, but women are much more nastier than men when it comes to bathrooms. Gospel.