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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Well I....

Called Hillary Clinton & told her that I thought she was the greatest woman who ever walked the face of the earth today.

No shit...April Fools.

I did change the oil in little red & went to the dentist yesterday. The Doc wasn't there, so I didn't hear him preach about me going to the periodontist. I stopped today & bought some steaks to grill tomorrow over at the parents house.

Mom went to the eye doctor (finally) & yup, she has cataracts. Next week, they are going to start the process of removing them. She doesn't want to go, but lets face it, Ray Charles behind the wheel of a car, isn't a good thing.

When the weather turns into such a nice day, as it was today...I start to think that I should find me a heart shaped ass girl, to share some special moments. Yeah, you can tell it's April Fools day, because I'll never make that mistake again. Do me a favor...The next time you hear me whining about being without a woman, simply kick me in the nads. It's cheaper to encounter that initial pain than the long drawn out one of having all my shit taken away or trashed.

Time to party.....