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Thursday, April 20, 2017

You reach a point.

Yesterday, I decided that I was tired of people using me & taking advantage of my good nature. I told off a former co-worker, who got herself fired for being what these millennial's are known for...Being irresponsible. She would bring in all kinds of fund raising things for her kids & as a friend, I would always plop down at least twenty dollars towards her goal.

Well, I ordered girl scout cookies from her & she took my money, got fired & blew everyone off who paid her upfront. I wouldn't have cared if she never brought them in if I wasn't so trusting & paid before she had them in her crackhead hands. She was all offended, giving me excuses as to why she hadn't bothered to bring them in to the people who were doing her a favor in the first place.

It all boiled down to... screw you Joe, you ain't important enough for me to give a shit. So I told her to basically, piss off.

The mood continued, but Uncle Buck wound up sliding his ass into a situation where he was standing around watching someone else do a project. So he said, hold my calls, I'm busy. Lets get the new boss to take advantage of my good nature & ask me to not only do my own work, but go ahead & do his as well (while he pretty much fucks off) I even fed the guy last night with barbecue & my Mom's homemade potato salad (which he loved) yet...I allowed them to sucker me into doing his calls. My own fault... Good nature dumb ass. But I wound up doing two nasty floor drains because of it.

I'm telling you, I'm tired of being a nice guy. I'm tired of people fucking me over. I just want people to be responsible for their own actions. Pucker up;~)