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Monday, May 29, 2017

African Queen...

Finally convinced the old man to pull her out of the barn..

We will be going fishing very soon. So much to do & addressing other issues....I told him, screw that, life is too short old man.

Mom goes to the doctor in the morning to check her out. She told me she hates to even think about going. But I told her, Mom, think about it.... We spend so much time worrying over doing things, but when the time comes to address them, we go...Shit, that wasn't so bad. I know she wanted to tell me..stfu... but she would never do that.

She is just afraid that some stranger is going to tell her to quit doing this or start doing that. Hey, I get it. But I also know that she is going to do whatever she wants. She will tell him what she thinks he wants to hear & continue to do what she wants. Don't judge me, I get that shit genetically.

I go back tomorrow to the land of the never ending crackhead. I got the grass cut & did major yard work today & as I stood back & looked at it I thought, shit...No one here to turn to & go...That's right, I am freaking awesome.

I get melancholy at times, that I am facing life's daily problems by myself. Then when I crash, God plants snippets of my life, in my dreaming state.... He reminds me of all the people that I have thrown myself on that bouncing grenade... I wake up, thank him, apologize for feeling sorry about myself & put my big boys pants on & wade into another day.

I hope you had a great Holiday. I did everything I could to make others life a little bit better. Which in turn, enriched mine. Time to pop another cold one.