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Monday, May 15, 2017

Ah crap....

I have to go back to the salt mines tomorrow. I did get a lot of things done today, like cutting the grass. I guess I'll have to shave as well.

Checked on Mom & her eye procedure went well. I took her over some of the new Snow ball ice cream ( I also took the old man some of the Twinkie ones, because I didn't want to hear him whine) I got me a care package for work though.

Then stopped by the sisters & had some pizza & visited. Nice to see Tim, he stopped by to cut the grass at his house.

Gonna relax & watch some movies I think. Probably fall asleep in the middle of one. I want to get so tired that I just crash, because I had a strange ass dream last night. One, that woke me this morning & I looked at the ceiling & said...really Lord? Is there somehow a good reason for you to place that in my head? Ain't even going to go there, but it was about someone who treated me like shit.

Don't want to be a door mat anymore.... Feel me?