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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Blame my sister...

I took some time off to go fishing, but Mother nature took a crap on those plans. It has been raining it seems, like forever, so everything is flooded. No fishing has been accomplished.

My sister coaxed me over to her house with a lure of free beer & after spending some time with the parents, I stopped off there. Yeah, I got all buzzed. She didn't drink anything, while I just did one after the other....

Evil woman... Do you know how hard it is to try to fold clothes & make a bed while inebriated? But, mission is accomplished. Now, I can concentrate on more important endeavors, like, consuming more liquid refreshments.

I'm glad I haven't had to decide if I was going to camp out at work or stay home. Approved time off beats trying to figure out how to cross a river with all accesses closed. I did that shit back in December of 2015. Three hours to get home sucked.