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Friday, May 12, 2017

Complete waste..

Going to the courthouse today. The gal behind the bullet proof glass (I'm assuming) was an asshole. She started trying to ream my ass as soon as I approached the window.

I started to explain, but she was one of these idiots that think that everyone who comes out there is going to be confrontational. And I guess she was right, because after about two minutes of her babbling on & not shutting up, I raised my hand & politely asked her to do just that. When she shut her pie hole, I was able to explain why I was there (as she tried to interrupt me) Long story short...

I knew I didn't need to re-issue that card, I had my new CC & it doesn't expire for awhile (which I showed her) After seeing that, she finally shut up completely & allowed me to explain that I wanted to make sure they didn't screw up (because they do all the time)  She kept my old card & said she would shred it. I probably should have made her give it back & destroyed it myself, but I just wanted to get away from the hag as quickly as I could. Hell...I was the only one in there, it wasn't like she was slammed with inbreds.

It's hard to maintain a smiling cheerful disposition when talking to a douche.

As I was in the cemetery later...I kept getting the wonderful odor of honeysuckles. I have them at my place, & I saw that they had taken over a section. Very calming & no assholes to give you any crap. I was taking pictures for people out of state who wanted headstone photographs.

I also paid my respects to some friends & family. Two birds with one stone.