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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's day!

We did the q-thing over at Mom's & had a nice day. My Aunt Pat & Grandma showed up, then my sister. Troy popped in and had some chow & then split, he had to work today. We had to run my Grandma's gift over to her house & when we got back, my cousin Charlie & Aunt Alice was there as well.

A day of run around & good food, cold beer & visiting.

Mom goes in the morning to have a cataract removal on her other eye. Lets just say, both parents were pooped when I left. (of course, Pop is going to dig back in to the leftovers)

I will cut grass in the morning & if I get it done pretty quick, I might head South to cut the cemetery. I haven't been down there in some months, so it is probably pretty high. Pop wants to wait until the next weekend I'm off to go & do it, so I might do that. For those that didn't make it to Mom's, you missed out on some good grub.

Hope everyone had a great day!