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Friday, May 26, 2017

I would rather...

be down on that river instead of heading into crackhead land, but alas, I did go in.

I got boned for it as well. Uncle Buck called off. Now, I have enough seniority if I wanted to divvy up the area for call coverage. I could take the cherry floors if I really wanted to, but I took an extra one (because, contrary to popular belief...I'm really not a dick) Well, not when I want to be anyway.

I also got a little project that I shouldn't have been handed, but what the hell. Tenth day in a row I'm pretty much like...whatever.

I'm going to be a grass cutting fool this weekend. Shooting for doing the cemetery on Saturday. Monday, my Mom turns 74, so one day, I'll have to do my yard. Pop's mower is in the shop, or was the last time I talked to him, so I might be doing grass every day for awhile. We'll see.

Something I noticed yesterday. Just in case you don't think the Liberal media is trying to shove their agenda down your throat, let me tell you this. I started clicking to hide certain feeds on my phone, from Google news service. You have the option to tell them to hide stories from any particular source & they are suppose to make sure you don't have them. Because, everything they feed you, is left wing slant. Yet, when I do away with CNN & the Washington Post (to name a few) They dump more stories on there from these sources. I just continue to delete them as I scroll down. The easiest way to avoid bullshit, is to simply not read any of it.

You don't think the Country is tired of Liberal media? Well....Montana just elected Greg Gianforte, who flipped out & threw a Liberal reporter to the ground. I have heard audio, but have not seen any actual video of the incident. So I don't know how obnoxious the reporter was, or if he was actually "body slammed".  I can say that no way can I support doing that to anyone (unless they were trying to harm you) but I'm probably not alone in saying that I would love to see Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper get their clock cleaned on National television.

Time for a cold one;~)