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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Iron Mountain Cemetery.

Went down early this morning with Pop & we cleaned up the cemetery & placed flags & flowers on graves.

Grandma & Aunt Pat showed up & I told Grandma to say cheeseburger. Mooning for the camera.

We were able to get everything done & made it back before the storms hit. I was drinking a cold one at the parents house when it started to sprinkle. I took off, trying to beat the rain (because I had all my implements of destruction) in the back of the truck. I would have made it, except I got behind one after another dumb asses, who were either buzzed (I know at least two were) or simply stupid. So...I got poured on before I made the garage. Didn't hurt anything though, actually cleaned them off which wasn't a bad thing.

One of the best things my grandpa taught me, when I was a young kid & working with him building houses, was always carry a roll of toilet paper behind the seat of your truck. I saw he had it there, & would ask him why he had it. He looked at me & said, one day I'll tell you. Well... after a few weeks, we were on a job site at a lake. No bathrooms in site & I had it hit me. I had to go. I asked him where I could go & he said, grab the paper from behind the seat & head for that tree. When I came back, he smiled & said, now do you understand why I have that in the truck?

This is me taking a picture of them, as I was coming from behind a tree with my own roll I had stashed behind the seat.