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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Lets see how long...

It takes, before some asshole steals it or destroys it. By the time I got over to the parents house, Pop had it installed already. It seems he was up at the crack of dawn, like a kid with a new toy on Christmas morning.

He use to sit theses birdhouses that he makes up there by the road, but quit, because people would come by & steal them. They were in a wagon, with prices on them, but low life's just said, screw you & would grab them & go. I really hope that those assholes, wind up getting payback a hundred times over...Like, someone steals their meth or perhaps they are made to actually work for a living.

Tomorrow I'm going to go renew my conceal carry. Got a reminder card from the DMV & I had no idea what it was for, because my drivers license isn't up for many years. I stopped off at the office in my town & it was crammed with people sitting in chairs waiting (looking like they had all swallowed Jim Jones kool-aid) I said, screw that & left. On my way over to the folks house, I eventually got a hold of another office on the phone & they told me what it was for. Except..they don't take care of it anymore.

I have to go out to the county sheriff's office & do it there. Note to self: Try not to sing this tune as you are in the process....