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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lots of things going on.

This weekend, but I'm busy playing at crackhead land.

Last night wasn't too bad, nothing major. When I'm not bombarded with silly ass requests, I can focus on finding & maintaining systems that need addressing. What we really need, is some more employees. It is a very large area & continues to grow, yet they never bring on any more people to help take care of it.

I'm suddenly very tired. I believe I'll crash early tonight & leave the phone in the other room so it doesn't wake me up. On the way in yesterday, all around me, I saw quite a lot of kids (out of school) & flying on the interstate. Weaving around while plunking on their phones. More chances to bite the big one, so be aware if you are out this weekend trying to hit all the activities.

Remember, people are freaking crazy these days.