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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Water is still up...

In some places. Saw this nimrod blazing on the river that is full of all kinds of stumps etc. You usually can't jam on one here though, so he was enjoying himself.

I was out in a cemetery today, doing some transcriptions & I came across this young guy looking for some answers.

He asked me if I worked for the cemetery & I told him...Uh, no. I explained what I was doing & asked if I could help him. He told me his predicament & I gave him the answer as to what I thought was going on. I would tell it here, but he might not want it shared. Anyway, he was grateful & then he shook my hand & told me that I was performing God's work in what I was doing.

I'm not sure that he is qualified to make that determination, but it did make me feel good to know that a stranger appreciated that I was trying to make a record of those whose family members don't bother to lay a stone on their burial spot. Because after the cheap funeral home marker gets toasted from weather & lawn mowers & is gone...No one knows who is there.

It may not be much, but I enjoy it.