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Monday, May 22, 2017

When it rains...

This sucker got a little hot.

Last night, one of the guys I work with, was at the hospital visiting his father. (we are the same age) I didn't get to talk with him, because as soon as I clocked on, I went off to shag some calls.

But later, one of my fellow workers told me his father was there & was in a bad way. I didn't go to find them, because I'm one who believes that if people who are in the hospital want some company, they will let you know it. I think, that no matter how well intentioned it might be, people need their family time without others stopping by to express their concern.

I got busy & then later, as my friend was leaving, he stopped by the shop, but I was out on a call. He then told some of the other guys that as he was up with his father, his brother was involved in a head on collision & was killed.

Some lady turned out right in front of his brother & he had a kid in the back seat. I'm not sure what the complete story is, being relayed to me by a third person, but I'm assuming the juvenile was probably this guys kid. In a split second, he decided to swerve, thinking that a head on would kill the child in the backseat. It was a bad crash & on the way to the hospital, my friend's brother suffered a heart attack & died.

In a split second, life as we know it can change.

My prayers go out to the family. No one can understand why things happen when they do at times. All we can do is deal with them the best way we can.