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Friday, June 9, 2017


As I was eating my sundae listening to the cardinals get their ass kicked yet again, on the way into crackhead land... I wondered what was going on with the hearing.

After analysis, I found out quite a few things...The Liberal media didn't hear what they wanted, so they didn't "stop the presses". Look, I could speculate on much, because that is what we, the working slobs only can do. We are not privy to what the hell goes on in Washington & we certainly cannot believe most of the news sources...They have an agenda & they lie.

I would have fired Comey when I became president, but Trump didn't (why, I am not in the loop to know) It was obvious to me, that the guy thought Clinton was going to win & being the head of the FBI, he had to investigate the e-mail scandal when it came out. But then, he gave immunity to every single person, basically granting that no one was going to be prosecuted for doing things they knew they shouldn't have. There was no way he was going to toss Clinton under the bus, thinking she was going to be his next boss. Even when it was so inappropriate for the Attorney General to discuss the investigation with old Bill. And he admitted that she tried to influence his direction. In which he complied. Lots of folks should have been prosecuted & did some jail time. Not a single one did, including the Secretary of State, who basically claimed that she did no wrong, because she was a dumb ass.

And that dumb ass blames the Russians for her losing the presidency.

After seeing what he did & how he tried to play straddle the fence to appease the players that would decide his fate, I would have terminated him as soon as I took my hand off of the bible. No shit, it would have been the first thing I would have done.

 Comey admitted (although I think reluctantly) that the mainstream media are liars by fabricating stories. He also showed the world what a douche he was, by "leaking" his version of events, in his "memo". The head of the FBI, who has stated many times that he couldn't discuss certain events due to classified status, didn't mind tossing out something that might "vindicate" him for getting aced. It made him feel better, that he didn't do it personally...He just had a friend do it for him instead.

What a puss move.

If he had done his job correctly & didn't cave to the Liberal power structure, he could have come off as a champion for truth. Instead, he made the transition into a new administration as a lackey figurehead in my opinion. His direction of the FBI, made a whole lot of citizens question the integrity of that division of law enforcement. He chose to go in a certain direction & choices are what we all make, every single day. Some good, some not so good. Either he tried to play politics & lost, or he was incompetent.

Either way, he got his dumb ass fired.