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Monday, June 5, 2017

Dear St. Louis.

My open letter to a city that I have pretty much been in every corner of at one time or another.

I have enjoyed many good memories there, as well as some bad ones, but I will tell you this...If you go & destroy the Confederate monument I will be through with you. I have spent huge amounts of my hard earned money on so many different businesses & establishments but will absolutely never set foot in the metropolitan area again if you allow this destruction of a piece of history.

I will also begin a thought out campaign to inform every business I have endorsed, supported & volunteered my time to. I will also encourage others to do so as well. I'll let them know why I no longer will plop down hundreds of bucks on their products or entertainment.

I believe you should address the real issues that have plagued the city for so many years. Ones that have caused people to leave living there, as well as many decent enterprises failing. That would be crime, drugs & gangs. Not one single day goes by (so many that I have lost count) where there isn't a murder in North St. Louis. Hell, even the idiot who swore he wasn't going to come down from off of the billboard until you had a week without a murder eventually gave up.

You have been allowing & making way too many stupid decisions that are effecting the common good of citizens who are the life blood of your existence. It's your decision. You want to wind up like some other shit hole cities & why name them, I'm sure anyone who reads this know a few. As a matter of fact, some folks consider St. Louis as being on that list as it is.

So, alienating people like me, by tearing down a structure that has been there 103 years, sounds like a good idea to the current city administration....I must tell you, you will realize that you have finally drove the nail in your coffin. It's hard enough to go downtown to a ball game, pay 30 bucks to park, 9.50 a freaking beer & a couple hundred bucks for a good seat & a hot dog. Then have to worry about getting shot as I leave to go to my vehicle.

You probably won't have those who want it torn down, spend as much money in your city, as those who want it left alone & protected. But I guess we will see. Of course, you may rip it down & my not coming back may never effect you at all. But when I saw the Taliban destroy those Buddhist statues & the world sat back & did nothing, it blew my mind. It also made me hate everything about Islam. Where once I was understanding & compassionate, now...well, lets just say, that isn't the case anymore.

That was the turning point for me. And if you destroy this monument, I will most assuredly, be finished with you.