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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Trying to do the best job you possibly can, without the support you need to do so. It is like a theme in this country.

I saw this guy hanging out on a lift, trimming trees from the power lines on the way into work. He was over the river & it was a nice day to be doing this particular job.

Unfortunately, I can't go into details about what has made me come to the conclusion about the lousy help that is available these days. But I can tell you the bullshit that immigrants work harder is simply a fallacy. Lazy people abound in all races & creeds. Age isn't a particular determining factor either. Nor is the amount of wages they earn. Some people are decent, while others are shit. Pretty cut & dried actually. The trick is weeding out those that are worthless to your business.

Some say, just let them continue being the way they are & eventually, they will get themselves terminated & this sometimes works. But I have also seen many a useless individual, continue to be so at a position & never get called out on the mat.

I guess life just isn't fair.

While some company's try to figure out how to motivate their work force & boost moral, they miss the obvious solution to their dilemma. Quit hiring unqualified shit & terminate those that continue to be so. Problem freaking solved. Pay those that perform their required position well & when they aren't strangled by carrying the dead weight, you will see production rise. You will also see a happier individual, when they think the company cares about them by proving it in the way they treat their employees. If you show them no respect, you will certainly ingrain that belief in them.

When people feel that someone doesn't respect them, they loose all it for the individual they expect it from.