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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Give me a break.

With all the shit one has to deal with in life. The death of a loved one comes to mind, or simply, how do we pay this bill when we only have this much coming in....

I take offense to the idiots who are trying to cram down my throat, that I have to actually give a shit about something that goes against my beliefs. News flash.... I don't really give a dead rats ass what you want to do, or what you believe, as long as you don't try to tell me that I have to as well. Because, if I don't like it, you are certainly going to piss me off if you think you are going to make me like it.

Now, that may encompass quite a few things. Doesn't matter. You don't see me wading into a rally with a bike chain, swinging on folks who disagree with me. But I will share this much.... When someone invades my personal space & threatens me with violence, simply because I happen to be standing there & have a different opinion that doesn't condone theirs? Well, believe this, people who cannot have a conversation of intelligent discourse, usually revert to violent acts.

And when it comes to this catfish? If you start it, I will certainly finish it. And this is where I believe the Country is at. People are fed up with others, telling them they have to do this or believe that. They simply have no right to dictate what my moral compass is tuned into. So.... Go get naked & have sex with the planet, but if you are in my yard, I'm probably going to fuck you up & call the cops when I'm done.

I could care less about the whacked Bruce Jenner. "It" will never interact personally with me in any way, so I could care less what "it" has to say. Pretty simple actually. You cannot control what fucked up people do or think, but you have the right to tell them to get the Hell away from you.