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Monday, June 12, 2017

Got away.

I was as happy as Gomer Pyle, all out on the lake Sunday. I caught about 5 fish, some hand sized bluegill & one small bass. Threw them all back. Pop caught a nice size bluegill & that was it.

There were a lot of folks there, as opposed to hardly any when we have been before & none of them were catching much fish. The water is still up & the wind was so nasty it was blowing everyone around. The lake was muddy but what the hell, I had a good time anyway.

We left the house & had to turn back around because we forgot the bait in the fridge in the garage. I got scorched by the sun, almost wiped the boat out trying to get it up on the trailer, because the wind was so gusty. Had to take a crap in the woods (drinking lots of liquids to stay hydrated & they run through me like a river of no return) But a day on the lake beats one at work anytime.

Had a long wait today to get the tires rotated. Seems s few folks down there got tired of the place & quit. Was going to get an inspection but everyone's new machines were down. So I started cutting grass just as it was getting hot.

I found all kinds of crap the neighbor kids had tossed in my yard & I'm glad I didn't hit this spoon. The good thing about the hot weather is, this younger generation gets out in it only for awhile, then run back inside. So I was pretty much left alone as I plugged away.

When I was their age, you would have to send out a search party to find my ass when school was out.