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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Not Summer yet, but the heat has arrived early.

Just got a call from a cousin who wants me to stop by before I head into work & help with an ac unit. Looks like today might be one where I get all wet.. before I go into work to get all wet. He said it shouldn't take too long, so no late night cold ones (well, not as many as I had planned anyway)

This is a turtle who was just taking it easy as we tried to fish Sunday. Pop went again yesterday & caught a couple of nice catfish. He wanted me to take off of work, but I won't just call in. I make sure I schedule my days. I use those bullets for an actual emergency. When I call off, you can bet it will be for an important reason.

You get home & you are wired from the daily crackhead limits. So, I'm going to try to make myself crash. I just cannot get everything crammed into a single day of all the things I want to get accomplished.

Don't forget to fly the flag today. Unless you are an asshole, then I could care less what you do.