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Friday, June 23, 2017

If your purpose is....

Malevolent in viewing this blog, then the picture applies to you.

Character assassination is certainly easier when the subject is of low moral fulfillment (which I of course am not) I volunteer quite a lot of my time in helping complete strangers in endeavors that enrich me, not monetarily, but spiritually.

I am faithful in the professional performance of my employment & exceed the mission statement every single day. In other words, I go beyond the expectations that are placed on me & do so in a leadership capacity that entices others to follow suit.

I have earned the respect of my colleagues, by my actions in situations that others fail to address because it is simply more convenient to do so. Let me be quite frank....

I find it offensive for someone to question my ability, loyalty, compassion & competence in anything that I am tasked to do. That being said, I am grateful that a certain individual has taken it upon himself to represent me in standing up to defend my reputation, when others call it into question. That says a lot about his moral compass.

Now, I'm sure by now, if you have read this far, you realize that this post is targeted towards a certain individual & it is. The inquisition happened long ago, but witch hunts still continue to this day. (she turned me into a newt....but I got better)

Even a worm will turn.

Lighten up Francis, God has my back.