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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Keep on smiling.

When it has come down to Cathy Griffin whining that she is a "victim" of the stupid ass thing she did, I have to laugh my ass off at anyone who remotely decides to defend this dumb cow.

Those people are beyond contempt. There is such a thing as consequences for your actions, no matter how much you may think you may be above condemnation.

I'm pretty sure she could give less than a shit about anyone who disagrees with anything she decides to do. I do believe that when she starts losing income though, then she starts to change her tune. Fucking up is one thing, we all have or will do that, but then compounding it by trying to blame someone else for your troubles....Especially when you knew it was wrong in the first place....

Lets be real, if she was holding up the severed head of someone you hold dear (even in mock effigy) you would want put that bitch in the ground. In the hospital in the very least. If it was me that she did that to, I would send her a package with a thick leather belt with Robin Williams name inscribed on it, with a cd of Soundgarden & a dvd of Kung Fu episodes.

Totally insensitive, but holding up my severed head for the whole world to see, would definitely not endear her to me at all. The older you get, the more you realize that you can't make everyone happy. So those that hate on you, you toss to side & get on with enjoying your life. It is too short & they are not worth the sweat off of my balls.