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Friday, June 16, 2017


He went to his new doctor Wednesday & never called me to say how it went. I buzzed him & he stammered through what took place.

Realistic interpretation from his not a dumb ass son? He only told him what he wanted him to hear. Mom does the same thing when she goes. They don't want someone telling them what they should or shouldn't be doing.

Hey, I pretty much have gave up on trying to get either one of them to listen to the voice of reason on anything. They are who they are & they might be polite & listen to what I have to say, & even go through the motions of telling me they will actually heed my advice, but then when I leave....They pretty much are like, screw you, I'm going to do what I want...Period.

So, what the Hell. They aren't morons & life is short. Of course I'm not sharing things about this situation that would enlighten you to concerns from my perspective. They wouldn't be pleased with the intrusion of their private life & it wouldn't change the way they are anyway.

The other day, I pulled up in the driveway & Pop said, pull up here, so I can back the truck & boat out. Mom was sitting in a chair right next to him. Where he wanted me to park, was right in the sun & I had a cooler of beer in the back of my truck & didn't want the sun blazing away on it. So I instead, pulled down in the shade. I saw him say something to Mom & as I got out of the truck, I said, I saw that & I'm not a dumb ass, I parked here because...& I explained.

He laughed & said, I didn't say that.

As I walked up to him & handed him a cold brew I said, really? Well what did you mumble that you thought I wouldn't see.

He took the cold bottle & said, I just told her, he's... your... son.