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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Save me from the good people.

The government gets involved in anything & they do one thing right...Screw it up for everyone. I get it, they make you think it's in your best interest when they do something, but if you had the ability to simply follow the money...You would probably find that every decision made, probably puts money in someone's pocket.

These new bulbs for example. They can tell you that they will save you a shit load of cash, but that certainly isn't the case when you go to buy them. They also claim that they last longer than the old incandescent. Really? I'm here to tell you that is crap as well. Every day I'm changing lots of them & because I do it daily, I have a fairly good time frame to their existence. Not counting the ones that others change out in these fixtures, that I have no knowledge of.

In other words, they are crap.

I have had them come apart in my hands & because I do it so much, I know how to be careful with them. It just makes me wonder how many home owners get injured by them. I have seen them melt & cause the ballast to do so as well, so they are certainly a fire hazard. The glass will blow a hole in them & they will pop & send shards of fine glass everywhere.The electronic ballasts that feed them are even worse. Those pieces of shit last no time at all.

The old ballasts, they say had cancer causing materials in them...And I have had them actually catch fire, when in areas of combustible material on them (like grease in a kitchen) but they usually started leaking the old dreaded black tar when they were going bad. AND...they would last many years. It wasn't uncommon to change one out that finally gave up the ghost, to find that it was well over twenty years old. No way in hell will you ever come close to that with the crap they sell today.

So, saving the consumer money? Just keep drinking the Kool-Aid. You have to reduce that carbon footprint don't you know.;~)