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Saturday, June 24, 2017

The best time...

To schedule something outdoors, in my humble October. It's not too hot, it's not too cold. I try to take off of work, pretty much that entire month. But we are having a family reunion tomorrow, a few days after the start of Summer.

It will be cool, but the old man wanted me to go with him to make sure the area was clean & get ready for Sunday. I tried to tell him, it will be packed with people & you will not be able to "make sure" your pavilion is ready. It's a Saturday, at a lake development... Well, I drove his ass out there, after he told me they were kind of giving him crap, saying they had no record he reserved the area (two months prior). They magically found his request & assured us it was fine. Of course, the pavilion was being used & the pool & lake were blasted with folks. So we couldn't clean the area up.

This means I will have to get there early tomorrow, to run off any assholes who think they are going to squat on a reserved day. They like to lay clothes out on the tables, making someone think someone is already there. Well, watch me toss their shit in the trash can. Pop was like, if that happens, we will just lay it to the side. Really? Hide & watch what I do with their shit.

 You make reservations, & pay for the privilege...If you're not invited & are pricks about it...It's an easy way for a nice guy to vent all the frustrations he has endured during the past week is all I can say. They had a couple of girls working security at the gate. (looked like they were twelve) lets put it this way, I would be going to jail if I was to ask one of them to go out on a date.

I'll make sure we have a good time, no matter who I piss off. The best thing about getting older is, you find yourself not taking any shit off of anybody. Pop goes a cold one.....