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Monday, June 5, 2017

The Shack.

My mama used to say, if you can't say something good about someone, you should probably keep your mouth shut. Now to be honest, my mom never said that but it probably is good advice.

That being said, I stopped here for the first time today on the way into the crackhead land. I have been trying to stop here and try it out but it was either always closed or I was in too much of in a hurry. Today I made sure I had time and was in the mood for a burger. To be fair, this little Shack is probably a better barbecue joint but they sell Burgers so I ordered one. Strike one they have no french fries, only potato chips. The staff were very friendly and said everything was made by hand. I'm guessing they just meant the sides because the burger was just like holties you buy at Save-A-Lot.

Since they didn't have fries I ordered what's called cheesy potatoes.

They were really hot and they looked really good. But in truth they were really Bland, not much Taste to those at all. The burger was just like throwing on a holties in a frying pan at home, again... Bland.

Now for just this burger and this side of cheesy potatoes, it came to nine dollars and $0.51. I just gave the gal a 10 and said keep the change.

Fast food has been going up in price for a few years now and I'm starting to get real picky about where I decide to throw down my hard-earned cash for a meal. Places like Taco Bell have gotten so outrageous that you don't get anything for 10 bucks there, but you certainly get more than just a burger and some potatoes. You at least get a large drink.

They do have plenty of parking space and they allow you to smoke outside. They have a building next door where I guess you could go inside and eat, but I didn't have time for that today.

I'm sorry but first impressions mean quite a lot. I may come back on a Spur one day and try some barbecue but that stuff isn't priced any cheaper and if I'm going to be driving around to eat barbecue instead of doing it myself.... I'll probably head south to Caledonia.

Overall, I'll probably never come back.