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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Bless her heart...

I went early this morning over to my Aunt's house, to fix a leaking sink. It was just a bad gasket & didn't take no time, but after I left...Pop found out that she has other projects that need addressing. She didn't want to bother me, but it is stuff that we can do in no time & will take care of.

The home is well over a hundred years old & actually, it needs a grand make over. The sink really needs to be yanked out & replaced, but she was happy that she can now use it & not have it leak into a pan underneath. I told the old man, let me know what you can talk her into doing & I'm there.

My Uncle, her husband, passed away when I was 7. (1970) I still remember him, but as a young kid, he was an old man who had some big ass horses. Every time I was over there, he was always working.

Pop shared a story with me tonight, about how much he loved his mules & as he was telling me this tale, it took me back to a time when men worked hard for a living. Shit that this new generation has no concept of.

A mule was a farmers best friend.

Eventually, the tractor took their place, but before the mechanized era, Missouri mules, helped many a family put food on the table. And a farmer loved them dearly.

I'm a dinosaur. A dying breed so to speak. But I still believe that family & interaction beats the sterilized society that we have become.