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Friday, July 21, 2017

Col Gaolta

Banging away on the family tree. Someone will benefit when I'm dead & gone...Or not.

It is illegal to kill snakes in Missouri...But that didn't stop someone, (who shall remain anonymous) from doing so to this Copperhead that was in a place it shouldn't have been. No, it wasn't me.

Many years ago, when I was about four or five, I was in the garden with my Mother. This was over at my Grandparents house. They always had a huge garden. She was picking things for dinner & I was standing behind her.

As she was busy, a very large Copperhead began to wrap itself around my legs. I just stood there watching it, when my Mom turned around & freaked out & started screaming bloody murder.

My Dad & Uncle Frank & Grand pa, came running out of the house to see who was murdering her.

Somehow, they got the snake off of me & I believe they killed it with a hoe. Then they rushed me to the hospital, thinking it had bit me. My memory of the episode is that I remained calm & couldn't understand why everyone was so freaked out.

I was embarrassed as hell as they made me get naked & sit on a gurney as they looked all over my body to make sure I had not been bitten.

If you really care...Don't touch me there;~)