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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Crank up the heat...

It is going to be getting even hotter the next few days. This was from a week ago, when it was hitting a hundred. Following behind a trash truck on a hot Summer day is one nasty ass odor fest. I had the AC on, but it just got sucked in the cab.

If you have a job that keeps you in air conditioning, or you are retired & can stay inside a nice cool abode....Just remember that there are folks who bust humps out in this heat.

I hear people whine & I just smile, because I have done it all in the hottest weather. I have done roofs, laid asphalt, bailed hay...The list goes on. I have been inside an area running a jack hammer & the temp gauge was pegged out. It was well over a hundred degrees & I was suited up sandblasting rail road cars.

The older I get, the less I give a shit about the weather. I deal with extreme heat or cold & it doesn't bother me. What I can't stand is someone bitching about it all the time. My tolerance for pain has always been high, but when I'm around men who start crying that it's hot...I am like, shut up Nancy, do you need me to get you a Midol?

I'm ten times done with all the political bullshit that is going on as well. I want to take every damn one of the assholes in Congress & drag them around with me at work & show them what a real man (way under paid I might add) does to contribute to the common good of the Republic.

Not one of those hosers are worthy to carry my tool pouch.;~)

Looks like the cops are at my neighbors house.

Freaking Summer;~)