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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

Last night, as I was ripping out & repairing a ceiling...I got a nasty little terse post from someone who I went to high school back in the day. We are friends on facebook & I thought, perhaps she was having a bad day, so I responded the sarcastic way I do & tried to inject a little levity at break time.

I noticed a few days ago, when I posted a story link about the police finding the dead body of a kid who was missing, she plopped on it FAKE.

I thought she was kidding, so I clicked on the laughing yellow head, but this person (though wrong she was in that case) was pissed at me & I didn't know it. After seeing her posts last night, (ranting about some shit that I have nothing to do with or could remotely comprehend) I cruised over to her page & saw that she had posted some displeasure with I can only guess, this blog (seeing that she wished the Phoenix would choke to death on a dick)

Now, as creative a way to wish someone to die, I would give her an A+ if I hated someone & heard that that was the way he had cashed it in. But seeing that we were suppose to be friends, I found it a little disturbing to say the least. I also didn't like that a complete stranger had liked it. So, I figured having someone who for some reason, thinks my posts on here are directed at her, is not worth the trouble & sent her to the unfriend list. Let me clue you in....I'm way too self centered to actually go to anyone's Facebook page & read their shit. If it happens to pop up in my news feed while I'm on & I like it...I'll let them know.

I'm also way too busy, working to take care of a million situations & live my own life, than to single someone out to castigate on here. Of course, in this situation, congratulations, you made my post topic today. If she is reading this...hey, best of luck, but I'm an expert in drama from psycho women. I attract them like a moth to a bug zapper.

I also have more compassion in my little finger than most people I meet daily. So accusing me of having none, only reinforced the sound decision to discard you as a friend, for you surely know me not.

Enjoy the day. I'll be working to encapsulate the statement...saving lives by not taking any.