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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I can't help it...

I always wind up doing stupid things. My posts have not been appearing in certain places where they should & it could be a concerted effort to oppose them...or just something my dumb ass did in my settings.

Lets face it, I got married twice in August (so, that month is usually set aside for me to do really stupid things) But I'm not above including the other months as well.

We all want fame, until you start getting stalkers...Then the priories seem to change drastically. Posting our own...I can see things in a much more intelligent perspective than you can, works for awhile...Until someone from your past steps up & says, yeah, but do you remember when you pooped in your pants when you were in second grade over at my house?

Those are the kind of moments that I like to refer to as....Reminders. So you don't forget where you come from.

I ran into an old friend last night, as I was responding to a ceiling leak. I saw him turn the corner & I said, are you lost sir? He said, no I know where I'm going & turned around & saw it was me. He came over & shook my hand (he has been retired for a few years now) He said... So, they haven't fired you yet?

I told him, "that's not family. Retire, & then show up to make fun of those of us who are dedicated to the corporate mission, that we sacrifice a life to advance the noble cause."

He smiled & said, "I forgot how much shit you are full of...."