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Friday, July 7, 2017

I hate funerals.

I'll be here later today. Just got in & am trying to wind down enough to crash.

Pop called me as I was going into work yesterday & asked me if I would be a pall bearer. Well, of course I will. I believe it is an honor to do so & done so quite a few times (too many as a matter of fact)

We will lay Charlie boy to rest in Hillsboro Cemetery & believe it or not, I can pretty much trace everyone in there to my tree in some way. My Great Grand parents are there & many other family members. This weekend is going to be a busy one for this catfish.

It's a shame, as one grows older, how family members seem to grow apart from you. They have lives they live, move away & simply get caught up in life. A distant cousin who was three years older than me & lived in California comes to mind. We never met, but thanks to social media, we contacted & carried on some correspondence. We tried to catch up 50+ years of life we lived & never interacted.

Then, in a blink of an eye....cancer took him. Listen, lots of things suck in life, but you have to enjoy every little interaction with every person God brings into your hemisphere. Because they wind up being gone before you know it.

I try my best to do the right thing every day. I screw up at times (as we all do) And there are people who probably hate every fiber of my being. (for whatever reason) But if you wake up tomorrow, you have the opportunity to right what was wrong. You have another day to enjoy being alive.

Love & peace to you all...