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Friday, July 7, 2017

I'm spunt.

The hardest thing you will ever witness, is a Mother saying goodbye to her son.

I was the first one there (as always) but funerals are such a fly by the seat of your pants events, that I still didn't manage to say hello to everyone who showed up. If you were there & I didn't get to hug you, I apologize.

If you were there & didn't want me to hug you, you're welcome.

The one thing that struck me was the fact that the preacher (whose father baptized me back on February 15, 1976) made the comment that Charlie Boy was always smiling. Now that, is certainly a true statement. Even when it was just him & me & he was venting about something, he was smiling his ass off as he was telling me about it. That is how I want to be remembered. A man who smiled his way through the shit that life sometimes dumped on his front door step.

I didn't go to the after dinner at the winery, because I wanted some time alone, to reflect & grieve in my own way. I'm going to go over to my Aunt's house tomorrow morning to make sure she is OK & to look at fixing her sink for her. Pop told me it was leaking tonight, when I went over there to visit the parents & I said...I'll be there.

If I don't save some poor innocent child from some impending danger & die while in the process...I'll probably have no one at my service. But what the Hell will I care, I'll be in a much better place & dead as a stone;~)

Cheers Charlie Boy... I'll see you soon.