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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

It is, what it is....

There are many things that fly at you in life, that you just don't expect or see coming. Sometimes to the point where you comment...Life ain't fair.

Well of course it isn't.

I know people who never worked hard to get anything they have. It was handed to them. Now, that isn't necessarily a bad thing (especially for them) but when they come across as being better than you & offer advice about shit they never had to experience... Well, it tends to make those of us born without a silver spoon in the mouth (more like a plastic spork) more hesitant to like them. As a matter of fact... people in the lucky sperm club who have the audacity to state that you hate them because they are successful, really tick me off. Because that isn't the case. They are usually hated because they are simply dicks. I don't reserve the right to cast aspersions towards people simply because they have money. I know plenty of poor people who are dicks as well.

See, some people forget where they come from & others never forget where they come from. It can be a double sided razor blade.

There is this guy at work, who looks just like David Byrne & every time
I see him, I start doing the walk & singing what ever Talking Heads song that pops in my head.

Hey, I ain't rich, but I'm not sure if this guy thinks I'm a dick...But I could certainly understand if he did...But I can't help myself....

Same as it ever was.......