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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lets just say....

I made it through a hot, nasty, busy night.

It's also nice to know that some people actually appreciate what you do. Not those that simply tell you that, because they were told to.

With all the Liberal insanity that is going on daily in this Country, I have to wonder, just what sane people think. Are you thinking that if you ignore the idiots who are perpetuating violence, then they will eventually go away?

Are you thinking that, I'll deal with assholes when they get in my face, but until then, they are simply deranged folks who aren't in my backyard (yet)

Let me share something that I'm sure you are aware of. Every time I know something is going to eventually cause me a problem, yet I decide to procrastinate on it.... The outcome has not been beneficial to me. I saw it coming, yet I chose to ignore it.

And to all those Liberals who I know & think... not bad folks (even though I don't agree with some of their twisted ideas) Do they support wanting to commit violent acts to try to force others to adhere with their beliefs? I have deleted the most left wing friends from my facebook account, but I still have some, who I believe have redeeming human compassion. Yet...I really haven't seen them coming out & posting their disapproval of violent acts committed towards others who disagree with their ideology.

Me, I'm pretty liberal in my views towards others. Even those who think opposingly. Do what you want, as long as you don't try to make me agree with something that goes against my core beliefs. Telling me I have to condone behavior that I oppose, puts you right on my fuck off & die list.

I won't come to your house & scream profanities at you, while holding a sign that degrades your character....But I won't hesitate to introduce you to an epiphany if you choose to do so at mine.