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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Long Summer days...

Well, we broke a record here yesterday. 108, without the heat index. No wonder I was leaking like a sieve. It did rain a little after 3 this morning, & I had my windows opened & was enjoying the little time that lasted. I love the rain in the Summer.

Isn't it strange, that after a really hot ass day, the next one at only 100, seems so much cooler?

Pop had to start a liquid diet today & he was drinking the required laxative smoothie, before he goes & gets the camera shoved up the old rectum tomorrow. I went & picked up KFC (because Mom was hinting she wanted some) & went over & ate with her, before he came home. Hey, he is on the liquid diet, not her (that was her philosophy)

He was eating jello & running to the shitter when I left. If he cheats, It isn't my fault. I did the liquid routine as well (except mine were cold brews)

On the way home, I was thinking how nice it might be to have a big old set of titties in my face... Then, when I got home, I popped another cold one & said...self, you ain't buzzed enough. See, when I have a few cold ones, I start thinking about stupid things. Then, later, as I reach my philosophical plateau, I realize altered state of reality will cause one to think about doing things without thinking about the consequences....

Like... she gets all of my shit!!!!

Don't sit there & condemn me.... Pop goes a cold one;~)

Oh, by the way, when I got over to the parents house, it appears that probably a Possum got in the bucket & ate the dead Copperhead. Circle of life & shit;~)