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Monday, July 31, 2017

Peanut butter sandwich...

And a cold beer...I must be feeling better. I had to do some laundry anyway, so what the Hell.

They started painting rocks around the home town, & placing them all over for people to find. Kind of like a poor man's Pokemon I guess. I was at the gas station, filling up the other day & looked down & there one was. It's in the floorboard of the truck.

You never know what kind of things I might do with a painted rock. I know a few folks I would like to shove it down their throats & a few more I would like to beat to death with it.... Then insert it in their rectum. Or perhaps reverse that order of importance. Lighten up Francis, I'm not a Liberal, it's a joke.

You have to place a disclaimer on statements like those these days, or some retarded individual might actually think I have plans to damage a perfectly good painted rock.

I think I'll just name him Chris.

Shit, it's already Monday..... Goodbye July.