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Sunday, July 2, 2017

R.I.P. My Cuz.

They will bury Charley boy this Friday. My Aunt, his Mother will be 90 this October. I'll tell you this much, she is one tough old lady. When we had the family reunion last Sunday, Pop told everyone he was dedicating it to her.

My Dad puts on the dog that he is one crusty old dude, (and he is) but he has a really big heart. (he just doesn't want everyone to know it) I tried to stress the importance of everyone getting together for these gatherings, because you never know when God says...time to come home.

When you are young, you are bullet proof & are going to live forever, so mortality isn't a subject you want to even discuss, let alone think about. Too much to do & see. I'll sleep when I'm dead.

But when you round the corner of fifty, you start to realize that there are times in your life that if you would simply freeze time & stay at that point. Of course, you wonder what lays ahead, so it might be even better...That is what makes life so awesome... Every day is an adventure.

I'll never forget until the day I die, some advice a good friend (who has been gone many years now) told me one night at work. I was having a disagreement with my Dad & he had said something that hurt my feelings & I decided that I wasn't going to go around him, until he apologized for it. He took me to the side & sat me down & said.... Joey, I know you may be right in feeling the way you do, but let me tell you... I would trade all the rest of my days, just to be able to see my Dad & tell him I loved him one more time.

Well shit.

I went the next day & mended my fence & have tried my best to spend as much time with my parents as I can.What can I say, life is just too short.