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Monday, July 24, 2017

Tell me why...

I don't like Mondays....

I got a lot of shit done today. From changing the oil in the truck, to cutting the grass. This old dog was moving in one direction...get it all done & have a cold one.

I even gave a dude a ride (which I don't usually do) but he needed a helping hand. (even though he stunk my truck up with diesel)

Pop did his ass cam & it looks like he came out OK. The nurses couldn't believe for an old fat man, that he isn't & hasn't been taking any drugs at his age for anything. His blood pressure was cool & all the tests were passing. They found two polyps that they cut, but the doctor says they looked fine. He will know in seven days.

So we drank some cold ones later in the day, as the sun went down. He was pissed that the highway was shut down, as they shot the shit out of some asshole who car jacked someone, on his way to kill a family member. Hey, I get it...They just played around in the area where no man needs to be in the first place & then, you can't get home. Besides, he was a passenger of my Mother's driving.

I'm guessing that if he had anything left in his colon, he would have been shitting himself.

Just two old dogs, drinking a cold beer & watching a couple of deer cross the property. Hey, I'll miss some Mondays, some day....