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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Well, It's nice...

To come home & see that the house didn't burn down from neighbors shooting off fireworks on a very dry Fourth.

I understand that quite a lot of dumpster fires are going on right now, all around the St. Louis area. Dumb ass people mishandling Black cats, or intentionally set?

I saw that CNN was so pissed off about the funny ass Trump beating down their logo video, they went after the guy who originally made it. They threatened to name the guy publicly.... I guess the implied content was, if we name you, perhaps some crazy ass Liberal will make your life miserable. (like beating you over the head with a bike chain)

Because it is amusing that all the Liberal rags are attacking the guy (who simply posted a funny ass video in my opinion) They are calling him a racist, anti-Semitic troll. Which, I can't confirm either way, because I don't know the guy personally & I certainly don't believe anything that pours out of these Liberal news feeds.

 If you show a severed head of the President, they defend your rights of free speech & artistic expression.. but if you poke fun of them, you are a racist piece of filth.

Lighten up Francis...The guy can't impugn your integrity. You continue to do that yourselves, pretty much on a daily basis. I'm guessing he isn't Russian, because they would be so having a stigmata moment if he was....