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Monday, July 10, 2017

When people hear...

That I work ten days in a row & then have four off, they are like...that is cool. Really?

Let me enlighten you. By the time you have a day off, you are worn down & there is never enough time to do the things in the days off, that you schedule to tackle.

Yesterday, my Sister went through the trouble of cooking for me & got me a cooler (which I always have use for) & stocked it with some cold brew. Tomorrow is my Birthday, so I blew some crap off Sunday & drank some cold ones with Pop & then went over to visit her. She fed me like a King, but there is never enough time on a day off to enjoy it.

Today, I went to have the truck inspected & wound up putting breaks on the front. I knew they were about spunt, but they were going to pass me & just let me get them & install them. I said, screw it. I let them toss on a new pair & then I went to the DMV in Desoto. (mistake)

They had one young girl working the counter & the line was...lets just say, it was long.

I looked at the guy behind me & said, good luck & left & went to Festus instead. They were busy, but they had 6 or seven ladies, cranking the shit out & I wasn't there very long. I then decided that a hundred degree weather was just right for me to cut my grass. (which I did)

Then I climbed on top of the roof & trimmed a tree that was starting to grow into the eaves of the peak. I'm standing up there, clipping off branches & it occurred to me that it would really suck to fall off & croak the day before my birthday. But, my old ass did what was needed & I packed it up.

There were a bunch of other things I did, but eventually, I went over to the parents house & started drinking some cold ones. Now, sweating on a real hot day & finally sitting down with a very cold brew.... It will catch up to you.

No sleep & running around like Super Chicken... I had to come home & take a nice cold shower. I hear the neighbor kids running around like monkeys on acid.

I need a little nap.