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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Beep beep...

Caught sight of this as I was trying to get off of the death trap they call 270 yesterday.

It was a pretty good day. I got a lot of things accomplished at work & didn't get fired or die. I talked to a fellow employee who is retiring in April. He has been there 40 years. He told me...Joe, no complaints. They ain't making me go, but I'm getting tired of being on call. Besides, they will be happy about it. When I go, they will be able to hire two people for what they are paying me.

Can't argue with that.

The one thing I know is this..No matter how good you are at your job, or how much people love to have you around, one day, you will be in the ground (or an urn) And someone else will be doing what you use to ace everyday. They might be better or worse at it, but the cemetery is full of folks who thought that they were irreplaceable at one time.

My dash.... I just want those left behind to think of me & smile a bit.