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Monday, August 7, 2017

Dickhead neighbors.

As I was cutting grass & trimming weeds today, I got a letter from the city, telling me that someone had complained that the alley behind my house had some brush or trees that were causing an obstruction.

They sent along a certified receipt as well & codes defining what could be considered a violation of city codes.

So...I called & finally got in touch with the code enforcement officer & asked him to stop by, to see if I was in violation (so I could take care of it) Seems he mailed this notice to every house on both streets that have the alley behind (except, I talked to one neighbor who didn't get one) His neighbor (an old lady) was pissed off & she started calling city hall to complain.

Long story short. He finally made it by my house & told me that my area was fine. I didn't have to go to the post office & sign for the letter (it was the same one I got, but some folks simply blow them off, so they make you go & sign for a certified one, so you can't claim you never received the first notice) He was a nice guy, but...I would have simply rode through when I got the complaint, to make sure it was valid enough to send out all those letters (if it was me)

Some folks have absolutely nothing on their property that would be considered suspect of the aforementioned complaint.

The best thing about being older, is you acquire more intelligence as you go along (not everyone) but the odds are good, if you live long enough, you get smarter. I pretty much know who the dickhead was who called city hall. I'm a good neighbor & I don't call city hall every time someone does something I don't like (even though I could) There was a derelict car on the side of my house that I could have bitched about. He would have had to go & get into their ass about it, but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt & allow them time to address shit.... If they don't, I talk to them first, before I simply cry to the city.

I'm thinking about turning my garage light dusk to dawns out & making the alley completely black. Then, when their cars get broke into, they can think twice about causing me some silly ass shit.

It's worth thinking about.