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Sunday, August 13, 2017


Gonna hate.

The best way to avoid getting involved in that kind of shit, is simple. Don't show up to those kinds of events. Both sides came ready to dish it out & I have no sympathy for any of them. Actually, that is the best thing to have happen.

Let them kick the shit out of each other, while decent people go about their business. While these people were trying to beat the hell out of each other...Everyone I know, was either enjoying the weekend or working. You know, being upstanding productive citizens.

There is the issue of free speech...But these days, you can't have any dialog with anyone, they all think their ideas are right & will go out of their way to make sure no one gets the opportunity to express an opposing view. I disagree with lots of folks on pretty much all kinds of things. Those that are sane, engage me & we either agree to disagree or we know the impasse is something we will never negotiate. So we simply avoid that topic in socializing.

We don't whip out an iron bar & try to bash each others brains in.

There are civilized people & then there are rabid animals. If I find myself having one of those who think they will make me think the way they do...I simply tell them to stay away from me & I will do the same. If we have come to the point where the majority of people would rather solve their differences with violence, then get ready....

Because culling shouldn't be included in the American dream.

Just my opinion.