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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Here lately...

You just have to wonder why you put up with some of the stupidest shit on the planet.

I mean, we have a tendency to ignore what we dislike & steer away from any confrontations that might go along with it.

But the last couple of days, I have just been all Al Bundy. I just have been letting it roll out of my mouth. I have reached a point where I'm tired of people, that I have done a lot for (and have done nothing for me) except try to make my life miserable... continue to do so.

I'm like.... Joey has reached his limit with useless pieces of walking dung.

Oh, I'm sure I have pissed some folks off, but I really don't seem to care. When someone tries to tell me they are an upstanding Catholic individual, then believes that gay marriage & abortion is Ok...I feel the need to tell them that they are a walking hypocrite & if I was the Pope, I would ex communicate their ass so fast, their head would swim. And, I'm not Catholic.

You know what you are...You are what you is... (Frank Zappa)

I'll give you my last dollar if you are in need of it. I have done so many times. I have also turned the other cheek when someone felt the need to try to stab me in the back. But people will take advantage of your good nature. They are users & really, there comes a time when you have to stand up & say....Fuck the Hell off.

I'm just passing through. That is what I tell myself ever day. It keeps me from going insane.